ABOUT the Project

Shakespeare Blog - Sunrise 2

In this first phase, I am starting to learn to speak the entire text of Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST, from start to finish, including the stage directions(using the Applause First Folio Edition, prepared and annotated by Neil Freeman), which will culminate in a bare-bones public reading of the play, the first steps towards the creation of a full-scale, multi-disciplinary, site specific, interactive production.

While preparing the public reading, I’ll blog about how the process influences my understanding of the nature of the play, from various theatrical viewpoints (director, dramaturge, designer, actor, musician/composer, etc.), as well as the more personal psychological/mythological dimensions and ramifications of engaging in such a task.

Two particular aspects that inspire the name Shakespeare’s Brain:  1) learning an entire play aloud, line by line, character by character, scene by scene, will prompt an entirely new appreciation and understanding of the mind(body, soul) of the author at the time of its original creation; and 2) by exercising my mind, body and voice in this way while also observing and writing about the process, a dialogue can be initiated regarding Shakespeare’s on-going contribution to 21st Century studies of psychology, education, neuroscience and human evolution.

This conversation is open to all artists and fellow theatre practitioners, Shakespeare ‘geeks’ of any and all stripe, educators, psychologists, neuroscientists, and/or anyone with a love of language and story.


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